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Slide Dabiaa is providing you with the right platforms to gain access to African products and engage with small businesses and producers. Considering buying African made products directly from creators?... or you are looking to source from Africa? Learn More Do you provide services or products that could help promote micro and small businesses in Africa?


African businesses and creators have so much to offer the world but lack the means and the right platforms to showcase what they have. Dabiaa's idea was born out of the challenges African entrepreneurs face in their attempts to penetrate the global markets and expand.

Our first approach is an online marketplace where African creators and producers can set up their personal store and have the opportunity to sell globally without limits with our support.

Second is a Partners platform (Africollabo) which is a mobile and web application and serves as a community for businesses and entrepreneurs to engage, collaborate, seek services etc. with others both locally and internationally.


If you are looking forward to buying African products or exploring the rich culture through the products the continent has to offer, Dabiaa is making this possible through our marketplace where you get to explore diverse products from  several countries and creators.

Dabiaa Marketplace offers you the ability to;

  • Explore different categories of products and creations from Africa.
  • Explore and engage with producers/creators and buy directly from them.
  • Make transactions with peace of mind as we ensure your security.


Find the right African business or entrepreneur:

collaborate, partner, supply tools & equipment, invest, provide services and many more...

Africollabo is a platform Dabiaa has built for African entrepreneurs and small businesses to get the right exposure and support globally to grow their business.

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Do you have interest in  working with Entrepreneurs and small businesses in Africa or want to partner with Dabiaa to deliver services to them.

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